Top 10 Volunteer Complaints

This article was written for Children’s Ministry but I think it applies to any ministry… You have to change the thoughts to fit your ministry but I think you will find the same complaints… I listed the 10 complaints, you can find the whole article at

Complaint #1: Ignored Concerns
Complaint #2: Unwelcome Input
Complaint #3: Invisible Leader
Complaint #4: Lack of Support With Parents
Complaint #5: In the Dark
Complaint #6: Not Enough Training
Complaint #7: Decrepit Rooms
Complaint #8: A Weak Bench
Complaint #9: Lack of Communication
Complaint #10: Few Special Events

So do you agree or disagree with this article???


One Response

  1. I have thought myself complaint #1, 2, 5 and 9… What about you???

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