SPIDERMAN 3 – 5.4.07

I went and saw Spiderman 3 last night on opening night… I really liked the movie overall… It has its ups and downs… I have always thought the Spiderman movies were cool… This one took a different direction than the others… Spiderman must fight with his inner bitterness and becomes evil for a little bit… This movie is a great analogy to what bitterness does when you don’t take care of it…

The movie’s only down was Peter Parker (Spiderman) was way to emotional… He cried everytime something small happened… The worst was when he cried when him and Mary Jane broke up… His face just doesn’t look like he is really meaning to cry… Maybe it is just bad acting…

The movie however was SWEET… I loved the animations, characters, and plot…

We also had this guy who was commenting on somethings out loud… Sometimes it actually was quite funny…

Go see and let me know what you think…


2 Responses

  1. I would cry if Mary Jane broke up with me.

  2. I know… You and her go way back…

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