Another Manifesto from

“10 Guidelines to Effective Brainstorming”

I just found another great manifesto on… I highly suggest you check out this website for more manifestos that could change your life…

Here’s my favorites from the 10 Guidelines:

2. Invite Others To The Party
I think collaboration on brainstorming is a great idea and can only increase the chances of a great brainstorming session, however, not all brainstorming sessions need to be a group effort.

6. Become A Generator Machine
After reading this one, all I could think about is this NASCAR t-shirt I have it says “PUSH IT 2 THE LIMIT.” You should do this when brainstorming keep going and get some great ideas.

10. Threaten Yourself
The first thing I learned about leadership was never stop training and birthing new leaders. If I can’t step away on a weekend and have things running like I was there then I haven’t effectively trained my staff and new leaders. Continue to put yourself in “good” threatening positions where you may not have a job and you can climb the ladder of leadership.

Once again another great manifesto from I just can’t believe how much information they have and how they help me become a better employee, leader, and person.

You can read the whole manifesto here

Let me know what you think after reading it…


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