Believing In People…

This past weekend I got a great opportunity to speak to two people who I know well… Both of these people have great aspirations for their lives but are moving in that direction right now… I don’t know why but I felt the need to encourage these people… I have decided to dedicate time to both of them to help them get where they want to be… I really believe that when you believe in people they begin to believe in themselves more… Both of these people are more than able to do want they want to do… I just think sometimes we all need a little nudge… I thank God for allowing me to help these people and I look forward to seeing them succeed in life…

Here’s some questions for you to consider:
Do you believe in people?
Have you ever taken time to show someone they can do something that they want to do?
Do you speak words of encouragement to your friend, family and others?
Do you stand at the door and help people find their way?

I challenge you to consider these questions… Let me know what you think…


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