Some of my thoughts on Praise and Worship…

This past weekend’s service was one that really made me remember why we do praise and worship at church…

I was standing at the back of the auditorium singing and praising God and then I got this tingling feeling inside… This tingling feeling typically comes when I know the Holy Spirit is moving through me… It has been a while since I have got this feeling being at my own church… Mainly because I am normally running around fixing something or getting ready for the next element but this weekend was not a very complex service and I had a great staff…

So here’s some of my thoughts on Praise and Worship…
I need to remember to connect with God every Sunday during Praise and Worship (even when it’s a crazy morning)
I need to not let those around me distract me from connecting with God
I need to not be so worried about raising my hands or moving my feet

These are just some of my thoughts on Praise and Worship… Let me know what you think… Do you have a great experience in your praise and worship time?

P.S. Great job to the GACC Worship Team this weekend…


2 Responses

  1. I LOVE praise and worship. I absolutely agree with you 100%. You must always give yourself to the Lord no matter how hectic your life may or may not be. As my pastor says,
    “There’s nothing a little worship can’t fix.” When you show God that you would like to give Him time out of your day, he blesses you with the most unimaginable things. Trust me I have seen it in so many ways.

  2. Lauren: Great thoughts on Praise and Worship… Thanks for posting a comment… Please check back often for more posts…

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