Free Church Resources…

I have been a member of OPEN for a while… but I wanted to share this awesome resource with you… (one of the coolest churches out there) puts all their creative arts work and notes for message online for FREE… They allow you to use pieces or the whole thing…


Craig Groschel, Senior Pastor, talked about at the beginning of the year in the Vision 2007 message, how they want to give away free resources to help those churches who may not have the funds or resources to produce creative arts works…

I think that is doing a great job and I look forward to more resources from them in the future…


4 Responses

  1. Just stumbled upon your site. I agree, awesome resource. Have you heard of Newspring Church? They’re throwing up free stuff too.

  2. Yeh… I know about them… Thanks for posting about them…

  3. Here’s some more free resources with motion backgrounds and worship loops… just started the site and plan to add more soon!

  4. Hi,

    My name is Joey O’Connor and I lead The Grove Center for the Arts & Media in Southern California, a non-profit ministry whose vision is to see Christ in culture through the arts & media.

    Would you consider listing our media website,, as a site offering free monthly media? Grovefilms helps support the work of our ministry.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Joey O’Connor

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