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Lights, Camera, Action…

I am getting ready for the next couple of weeks, we are going to be taping some video dramas… I will try and remember to post them later under the “Videos” section…

Here’s some thoughts I have on taping dramas…
1. You can control the environment
2. You can re-do lines over and over
3. You can edit out parts that don’t make since later
4. You can visual effects and make it look cinematic!!
5. Reduces need for multiple people at each campus and trying to sync everyone up

However here’s some downs on taping dramas…
1. Large technical staff (Camera Men, Directors, Sound Engineers, Boom Mic holders, Video Editors and more)
2. You have to have the perfect drama cast

Even though there are a couple of downs I think taping dramas is a definent PLUS!!!

I look forward to taping these dramas… I will post some post thoughts on taping dramas later…


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