Day 1 and 2 of Extreme Days 2007

Well it’s been 2 days now and WOW… I am still pumped about Extreme Days…

DAY 1: July 9, 2007 was Day 1… The kids began to roll in and the adrenline started going… We had WACKY games and WACKY characters… EXTREME praise and worship, EXTREME classes, and even an EXTREME movie… The best part was seeing Wacky Wilimina get all upset at her brother and the kids beginning to not like Wacky Willy… Little did they know that this was all planned… Day 1 went great… 

DAY 2: Today I really got into the closing session and the Praise and Worship… Today Wacky Willy (One of our kids characters) changed his mean ways and now is being friendly… The kids all love him again and pretty much mobbed him when he got off stage… Then Pastor Alan talked about friends… He had some really good stuff to say… I look forward to the rest of the week…

I’ll check back in tomorrow…


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