Top 3 Social Networks (In my mind)

There are many social networks and I wanted to give some free advertising to them… and of course give my thoughts on them as well…

Facebook by far is the #1 Social Network (in my mind)… It is just getting better and better everyday… I like it because it’s not trashy and the pages are not customizable which means no crazy, scary graphics by demonic people… I also love the new applications you can add like WordPress in Facebook and more…

My Church is my #2 Social Network… I don’t get on it much right now because I like Facebook the most but it’s pluses are again no customizable pages so no weird demonic pictures… It’s also designed for churches and Christians so it’s clean…

 This social network is #3 on my list… I just learned about it by Terry Storch and Bobby Gruenewald but it looks really cool… It is designed for more of a professional social network… Plus it’s not MySpace so it’s got to be good…

That’s right NO MYSPACE!!! I have never liked MySpace because it has always been way too customizable especially people’s personal pages… Now I know some people don’t do this but there are some very demonic people on MySpace with really scary, weird, funky personal pages… MySpace can be an okay social network but the above three rival it anyday…

Let me know which social networks you like…


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