A Crazy Sunday Morning…

Well just to show that we all make mistakes let me tell you about “A Crazy Sunday Morning”…

6:50 AM – Found out my car had been hit (not bad but a nice long scuff mark), called VCU Police to file a report (for insurance purposes only)

7:20 AM – The VCU Police finally showed up, finished the report and headed to church…

9:00 AM – First service everything was going well until we played the multimedia (it was the wrong one)… We had created a new one on Friday that fit the message better… I changed it on Saturday and confirmed the change… I guess the program flipped out overnight… I also found out that the SS Campus had no announcements, easy fix though just put them on a CD and sent with the tapes…

10:30 AM – Replaced multimedia in Media Shout with right multimedia…

10:45 AM – Service was going well until we played the multimedia (it was the unedited version)… We had the right media it was just the unedited version (nothing bad just way to much information)… WOW!!! This totally stunk because we had already messed it up once… The worst part was when Pastor Rick got on stage and said (paraphrased) “I apologize for my media team, we have had some tech issues this morning, and that was what you would call the unedited version.” Of course the entire auditorium looked back at us… EMBARRASSING!!!

Well after all those mistakes, I decided that we had to use some time during rehearsal and go through the media elements… I just wanted to make this post to say WOW, everyone makes mistakes, you just have to learn from them…


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