Grand Central – A cool idea…

I blogged about the acquistion of Grand Central by Google… I subscribed as soon as I found out about them… I got a 901 Area Code so my Mom could call me for FREE (she has unlimited local calling on her cell)… Well she never used it and said she would rather just call my cell directly, no apparent reason… I am guessing it was just easier to remember my cell rather than learn a new number…

Then I realized that I could use this number and connect multiple peoples cell phones/home phones to one number… I thought duhhh to myself… I had been working on a project at the church to create an IT Help Desk… So I then thought well Grand Central allows me to have one phone number and call multiple people at one time… So I thought let’s use it to get an official IT Help Desk phone number… I am now using it as our help desk phone number, it pages our IT Director and me at the same time and could page others as we grow the team later… What a great and useful way to use technology to our advantage…

Plus it has a lot of cool features including saving voicemails online for review later… It has tracks the numbers that call in… And let’s you have a personalized ringer…


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