The Price Is Right (at least for Drew Carey)

That’s right folks Drew Carey is going to be the new host on “The Price Is Right”…

Drew announced it on “Letterman” last night… He found out on his cell phone during a “Harry Potter” section of Letterman’s show and he wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible…

“I actually had lunch with an AP reporter today; we had a big, long lunch,” Carey said. “I couldn’t tell him anything because we were negotiating the deal. And they approached me right after the pilot for
Power of 10. And they called me, I said, ‘No.’ Then they called me a month later, they said, ‘What if we really’ – they called my agent: ‘What if we really go after Drew?’ This is like a month later after I did the pilot for Power of 10 and I said, ‘Well, what does that mean?’ and he said, ‘Well, you know, I mean, maybe this kind of money.’ I go, ‘What kind of schedule?’ He said, ‘I don’t know,’ so I met with them and stuff and we’ve been negotiating ever since. Couldn’t say anything, but during your Harry Potter bit – honestly it was like 15 minutes ago – they called me. It’s a done deal. I’m the new host of The Price Is Right.”

Drew Carey is not new to TV… He had his own prime-time show called “The Drew Carey Show” and was the host on “Whose Line Is It Anyways?”…

Bob Barker recently retired after being on the show for over 35 years… The Price is Right is on CBS at 10 AM EST… Let’s see how Drew Carey does once he begins which as of now is still unknown…

WAY TO GO DREW CAREY on getting “The Price Is Right” host job…


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