Some late night thoughts…

I am still up working on some church stuff… I had some thoughts that I wanted to capture down…

1. Worship Services Rock!!! I am so glad that I get the opportunity to work in a church… I want to say thanks to all my team members you all work very hard and I appreciate it!!!

2. Secular Music really has that capability to communicate the Word in a cool way… (Hurt-Christina Aguilera; Stupid Boy – Keith Urban; This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race *Clean Version* – Fall Out Boy and Kayne West)

3. Video Dramas are really fun to work on… I look forward to showing you the one for this weekend’s service… It’s great!!!

4. I am so serious in need of sleep… I am hardly able to keep my eyes open typing this post… But I wanted to capture those thoughts…

Well I am off to sleep… I by the way started reading “Boundaries” on Sunday night and have some thoughts I will blog about later… I also have some thoughts on blogs and using them for church… I will blog again in a couple of days… Blog you then!!!


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