IT’S HOT!!!!!

Today in Richmond, VA… The weather people are predicting temperatures in the upper 90s with the Heat Index at 105-110 degrees… IT’S HOT!!! The worst part about Richmond, VA is the humidity… It makes it completely unbearable…

I work a Capital One as I have told you in the past… The power just went out here (of course we have back ups) but it made me think of how much power is going to be used today to keep people’s homes cool… I know that my house has the A/C running at about 66 degrees… I like the house, nice and cool, I also don’t pay the electrical bill thank goodness…

Richmonders please be safe when you are outside… Drink plenty of water… Stay cool… And just stay inside as much as possible…


One Response

  1. Ewww, stay cool man! We are humid here as well but not that bad!

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