Props to my friends at

As many of you know I have a couple of friends at… Terry Storch, Brandon Donaldson, Bobby Gruenewald and the rest of the team all work really hard every week… I watch most of their blogs and e-mail/chat with some of them on a weekly basis… I noticed some really cool stuff on Terry’s website that I wanted to pass along… offers a ton of great resources for FREE…

Here’s some more stuff that there are up to: (New Series) (New Online + Interactive Bible)

Facebook Church (Will be announced soon) (New Internet Campus)

This is a little old but I just found out about it…

By the way this ad campaign was HIGHLY effective for… Check out the website…

Well I just wanted to give some props to my friend at… Keep doing great work and building God’s kindgom!!!

I look forward to talking about some projects my church is working on… We got some pretty big stuff coming out soon!!!

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