WC – Leadership Summit – Session 1 – Bill Hybels

Let me start with WOW!!!

The morning began with some AWESOME praise and worship… Then a great video on the history of the church… WOW this video was outstanding… Then Bill Hybels came up and wow!!!

I always like what Hybels has to say but every year he delivers a message that just seems to be right on time…

Here’s some beginning thoughts…

“God bring it to me…”


A vision that is not unilaterally discussed will not be owned. You need to discuss vision with key stakeholders and staff members.

Vision is the most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal 




Vision Formation

Vision Refinement

Vision Declaration


People will even DIE for Vision!!!


I will post some more thoughts later…


One Response

  1. I am in Dayton, and the session was just amazing. I just wish there were more people who say that they want “change” in my community. It is my hope that those who were here, will continue to get the message across to those who are not here!

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