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WC – Leadership Summit – Session 4 – Marcus Buckingham


Well… This was by far one of the best speakers so far at the conference… I was just amazed at what Marcus had to say but also at what Marcus had to give us… He was inspiring… He made me want to be strengths based rather than weakness based…

I wrote down tons of notes on this topic… My laptop had died… I think that this was one of those life changing moments…

I was kind of upset we had a bad storm in Richmond and we lost power which wasn’t bad because it was just a minute but then we lost the satellite signal during the last 15 minutes… The nice thing is that we hear rumors that they are going to re-broadcast the entire session for us beginning an hour before the actual conference… We obviously have to show up early but I think it would be worth it… Well I am off to sleep and I will post some thoughts tomorrow…


5 Responses

  1. It will be worth it. It was quite good.

  2. Thanks Jeff… I just put together a group of guys to go back over to watch it earlier in the morning…

  3. Hey Anthony, just looking around at other people who blogged about the Summit today. I too was really impacted by Marcus Buckingham’s talk. If you missed part of it due to the storm you can check out my notes to see if I’ve got notes from that part of his talk.

  4. Hi. I am on a mission to change the American educational system from a weakness based one to a strengths based one. I wrote as book that Marcus Buckingham wrote the foreword for. I was hoping you can help me get the word out on this. The book is called Your Child’s Strengths. It is on Amazon right now as a pre-order. You can help me get the word out on this book. I thnaks you kindly, but mostly every kid who benefits from this will.

    Jenifer Fox

  5. […] Thoughts on session 4.  (the poor guy lost the satellite signal for a […]

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