WC – Leadership Summit – Session 5 – Michael Porter

By the way we did get to watch the ending of Marcus Buckingham’s session from yesterday (Thanks Willow!!!)… I think that is still by far the best session…

This morning began with Erik (The Canadian Guitar Player), he played he guitar but not just any normal guitar… It was like a drum kit + guitar all in one… He did a great job…

The first sesssion this morning was Michael Porter… He is talking about planning out Community Programs… He has made some great points so far (he’s still talking right now)…

Here’s some quick thoughts:

Social Activities need to be EFFECTIVE!!!

Shift the Mindset.

Many organizations get involved in too many programs and get spread way too thin. Get involved in few programs and get very focused in those programs.

4 Questions Before Community Involvement
1. Have we defined goals?
2. What set of needs are we addressing?
3. What is our strategy?
4. How do we create alignment (ownership)?

Worthiness of the cause is not basis on which you pick cause, all causes are important.

Don’t re-invent the wheel… OUTSOURCE if there is someone better that can do it.

Don’t confuse strategy and goals (“I want to create 250 jobs” – That is a goal not a strategy)

Well this session was good… I am really looking forward to the next session with Colin Powell…

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