This week’s personal outlook (as of now, subject to change)…

I am excited about the first part of my week but not so much on that later part… It’s going to be crazy week… By the way I have started the Stengths Assessment by Marcus Buckingham (Love It/Loathe It)…

Monday –
Meeting with Video Producers (Love It!!)
Launch new personal blog (Love it!!)

Tuesday –
Work @ Cap 1 (8-12 PM) (Loathe it…)
Meeting with Worship Pastor (Love It!!)
Working on MediaWiki for my Arts Team (Love It!!)

Wednesday –
Work @ Cap 1 (8-12 PM)
Staff Mtg with Worship Pastor (Love It!!)
Staff Mtg with Video Producers (Love It!!)
Work on Facebook App (Love It!!)

Thursday –
College begins (Loathe It…)
Meeting with Associat Pastor on community involvement (Love It!!!)
Tech/Band Practice (Love It!!!)

Friday –
College really begins (Loathe It…)
RELAX after a long, hard week!!! (Love It!!)

Saturday –
Work (10-3 PM) (Loathe It…)

Sunday –

I really need to find a job too… I found out a couple of week ago I could be let go from Capital One by the end of the month… Please pray for me to find a great job that pays well…


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