Coming Soon: Web Video in High Definition

I found this when I was reading the New York Times BITS blog… I think this is totally sweet… Although the technology seems to be a little outdated right???

Adobe says they are going to be using H.264 but I have been using that to encode VidCast files for iTunes for almost a year or two years now… You mean to tell me that this the most updated encoder… Wow!!!

“The high-def standard that Adobe is embracing is called H.264. It is the same video format used in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD video players and the latest cable and satellite set-top boxes. Adobe will integrate support for H.264, and for the high-performance AAC audio standard, into the newest version of Flash, available for download today.”

Here’s the rest of the article:

I personally know that I like to encode my projects in Flash because of the growing number of hacker programs designed to rip down people’s work from Google Video and YouTube. The whole reason I used those programs was so that people couldn’t steal my hard work plus the church’s work is technically copyrighted… So if someone uses it outside the church then they are breaking the law!!! But from a personal standpoint I just don’t like that people can just download other people’s work without asking… I wouldn’t mind if you asked probably…

Anyways I look forward to testing out the new High Def flash player…


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