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Beta testing for LocateTV.com

 I got an interesting e-mail this morning when I got into the office… Here’s a snippet…

“LocateTV, is a search site which we hope to be the Google of TV and film. It’s a nice and simple, slick site that lets you search for when programmes/films are showing on TV, online and DVD. And it’s constantly updated and region specific, with a host of other features in the pipeline that’ll let you customise it without loosing its essential clarity.

We’re aksing a few TV, film and tech bloggers and enthusiasts to try out the site, newly gone into private beta, so they can give us feedback about what you like, what doesn’t work and suggestions you have for improvements and developments to the site – and I think you could give us an enthusiastic and informed opinion.”

So it looks like LocateTV.com is giving me beta tester access to their newly designed search portal and more… I look forward to checking this out… I will let everyone know how it is very soon…


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  1. Anthony – we look forward to hearing your thoughts – enjoy playing!

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