Bring Your Brand to Life – My thoughts

I found this article on… I frequently check this website for anything of interest to me…

Here’s the entire article:

Thomas R. CliffordEvery company must tell their story. Thomas Clifford is a filmmaker, an expert on telling these stories through corporate videos. Say hello to emotionally engaging pieces of film that will spark conversation and energy through the ranks. In fact, he believes a good corporate video can change the world. Not in the market to make a corporate video? Really, Clifford’s advice applies for any medium you choose through which to tell your company’s story.

Here’s my thoughts on the article:

Myth #1: My corporate video has to look boring like everybody else’s.

My thought: First who likes boring videos… Not me… I believe that videos should inspire people to take action, teach people something they don’t know, motivate those who need motivation and much more… Boring videos are just a waste of time…

Myth #2: We don’t need a scriptwriter.

My thought: Well then what would all those scriptwriter do for money??? I know that in the past we have tried to film stuff with out a script (“Lets just go shoot it, we can write the script on scene”)… Everyone of those videos never came out well… Find yourself a good scriptwriter, one that understands the demands of production

Myth #3: Our CEO needs to be in the video.

My thought: Why??? I think that most CEOs are not great communicators… Find someone that can tell a compelling story… As a matter of fact look in places you haven’t before like your secretaries or administrative staff…

Myth #4: All interviews look 20 years old.

My thought: Get your interviews to look interesting… You spend a lot of time on the boring look so turn around and spend that time on an engaging interview… Also be sure and spend time on getting great cinematography…

Myth #5: Corporate videos cost $1,000 a minute.

My thought: WOW!!! Who is paying that much for corporate videos on a per minute basis… All corporate videos are hand-crafted from scratch and all cost a different amount but $1000 a minute sounds expensive…

I think that corporate videos need to motivate, inspire, and call people to action… Of course there are some corporate videos that are for information purposes only too… But videos in general should not be BORING!!! Spend time thinking about what you want and capture great cinematograhpy…

Be sure and check out his website: (I think you can apply his ideas to any video taping)


3 Responses

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I just wanted to clear the air on your “take” on my manifesto.

    I think you misunderstood the concept of the “myths.”

    The myths are what many people are holding onto in their mind’s eye about typical corporate videos.

    If you actually look at my work on my site, I think you will agree that I handle these myths in just the way you are mentioning.

    Thanks for writing about the manifesto. I just needed to correct your misunderstanding of my words.

    Thomas Clifford

  2. I understood the myths and I was giving the reason why I thought it was a myth… I was actually backing why you should remove these myths from your mind… Thanks for commenting… It’s always cool to have the actual person who wrote the article come and comment…

  3. Great! Thanks, again, for the post 🙂

    Be well…


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