School is going and I got a new job!!!

So I have been very busy… School is the full swing of things… I have attended all classes thus far… I am very excited about a few of them because I can use the information right away…

The other exciting news is I have a new job!!! I will be working at the YMCA at as “Youth Sports Commissioner”… Basically my job is attending practices and make sure coaches on aware of the weekend’s schedule… And then on Saturdays I am at the fields making sure all games are going and everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing…

So I am free from Capital One!!! I am sad to leave all the people I know there but very happy that I begin something new… The new job uses a lot more of my skills and leadership capibilities as well…

On a quick side note I have seen that my hits have gone down and that is probably because I haven’t been bloggin constantly enough… I guess I need to figure out a schedule to blog and make sure I keep everyone updated on the newest technology and my life… See ya around!!!


2 Responses

  1. Well, Congrats on the new job, how exciting! See you on Sunday!

  2. Yeah that’s awesome you got something that I think you’ll like doing, too. I get to keep my job, too.. for now!

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