Some new news stuff…

Here’s the most up to date technology information:

Who founded Facebook? A new claim emerges.

My thoughts: What is up with these fellow classmates saying Mark Zuckerburg stole the idea. I think they are just jealous because the company is doing so well. I think if these guys have a true claim then it will be obvious in court but it sounds like they just want a piece of the Facebook pie. I personally think Facebook is the best online social network out there.

No New NBC Shows to be sold by Apple

My thoughts: Oh no… That means no more SNL, Heroes, or any of my other favorite shows. Come on Apple, settle this dispute please!!! I was just getting ready to download Season 1 of Heroes and hoping that Season 2 would be put up on a constant basis during the season. Apple and NBC need to resolve this issue immediatley.

San Fransico Wi-Fi Fog

My thoughts: That just stinks. Earthlink is pulling out of its plan to blanket San Fransico with free Wi-Fi from Google. Now San Fransico is not going to be Wi-Fi free everywhere. After reading that article, I looked into other cities that have tried this in the past and there were a few. Chicago ended up tabling its project due to the amount of money the city would have to invest. I think the idea is great but I do see from a business perspective how they could be costly for the city and the companies.

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