iPhone price drop!!!!

That’s right people the iPhone price has been dropped to $399 (8 GB Version)… But why the sudden price drop for Apple??? It appears that investors didn’t take this price drop very nicely, Apple’s stock drop 5% yesterday to $136.76…

“On Wednesday, Apple executives insisted that the price cut had been planned long ago and that the strategy had been conceived in part to keep the iPhone’s pricing in line with its new iPod Touch, a music player that looks like the iPhone but lacks the phone-calling ability. The sharp price cut, however, suggested that even Apple, which has long lived in a pricing bubble insulated from other personal computer makers, is not immune from the brutal pressures of the cellular phone business.”

Here’s a cool update on the iPod Touch (displayed to the left):

“Mr. Jobs said the company was making a “total refresh” of the iPod line, and he demonstrated a series of new features that showed how Apple was turning the music player into a hand-held computer.

Mr. Jobs displayed the new flagship iPod Touch, which will sell for $299 for an 8-gigabyte model and $399 for one with twice the capacity.

Slightly thinner than an iPhone, the new device has touch-screen controls and a built-in Wi-Fi antenna that allows it to connect directly to the Internet. It also has a browser, which makes it more of a hand-held computer than any other music player.

Users will be able to connect to a new iTunes Wi-Fi store where they can download songs directly to their music players without having to connect to a computer.

Another feature of the iPod software will be the ability to alert a user entering a Starbucks coffee shop to the music being played there. Then, a tap on the screen will download the song from iTunes.”

I am personally looking forward to the iPod Touch… I think it sounds like a pretty cool piece of technology…


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  1. Personally, I’d wait for the competition to introduce similar, commoditized products, rather than being sucked in by the Steve Jobs/Apple marketing bandwagon.


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