A very very very long week…

WOW!!! This last week was very long… My teams and me have accomplished so much this week…

Here’s what we accomplished this week:

Total Stage Changeover (Photos coming soon…) (Thanks Stage Team!!!)

Transformers Promo (Thanks Video Producers!!!)

Men’s Fraternity Promo (Thanks Video Producers!!!)

Officially launched the new HighImpact Living Website (www.highimpactliving.net)

Implemented a new Tech. Leader for our South Side Campus (Trevor D. – Thanks for helping out)

ONE GREAT VISION DAY (Thanks everyone for your help)

I know that it is the services like this morning that make it totally worth it… I think this morning’s service was great… I really love what I get to do in the local church…

“The local church is the hope of the world” – Bill Hybels

That quote is a great quote to remember on weeks like this one… It has been totally crazy but I know that we impacted peoples’ lives this morning and I know that this church will continue to impact peoples’ lives…

I look forward to a more normal week this week but I still have one more service (which we are currently doing right now)…

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