It is Monday…

It is Monday… I already had a mid-term exam in Organizational Communication…. I found out an exam grade for Organizational Behavior (ouch)… So Monday is going okay…

I look forward to getting a lot done at work this afternoon…

And of course Heroes is on TONIGHT!!!


2 Responses

  1. So how did you do on your test???

  2. Sooo …… you had an **ouch** grade on a test and now you’re going to spend the evening watching HEROES?

    Well, I suppose there is a lot you can learn about organizational behavior from the Justice League. Wonder Woman always seems to have issues with Superman’s political power. She’s constantly playing the “equal opportunity for women superheroes” card. And Batman always plays the “superpower challenged” card.

    I guess when it’s all said and done, Superman does do a pretty good job in that arena.

    Or you could just study your Org. Behavior books….

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