“Daily Inventory” wins an award

I have been working with the Glen Allen Community Church Media Team for about 4 years now and have enjoyed this a ton… We have done tons and tons of video projects but recently we began spending a lot more time on the video dramas… We recently submitted one of these new videos to a nationwide competition and we won!  


I am very excited about a recent award the church won for a Video Production (“Daily Inventory”) we did… We won first place in the 600-2500 attendees and video drama section… It was just announced today in Atlanta, GA at the WFX and Church Production Conference… You can find the video at www.gacc-impact.com/videos/dailyinventory.htm… You can see the other winning videos and our award at http://www.churchproduction.com/go.php/video_winners

About WFX

WFX – Worship Facilities Conference and Expo 2007 (www.wfxweb.com) will bring together nearly 5,000 decision-makers from churches across the country – pastors, executive pastors, technical directors, facility managers, building committee chairs, church staff and lay leaders – involved in design, construction, operation and maintenance of growing worship facilities, including adding or upgrading technical systems used in worship production. The WFX 2007 Conference & Expo program includes practical training, nearly 400 exhibitors and a line up of special events to give you information you need to make the best decisions for growing your worship facility and fulfilling your ministry objectives.

Thanks to the team who helped put this together… You did a great job!!!

Be sure and check out the video and let me know you think…


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  1. Congrats on the award. We have a Faith-Based Video columnist in EventDV magazine. I don’t know if you already get it. It’s a free trade pub. More info on my blog.

    Oh, and cool name, for your blog too. 🙂

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