It’s been a very long week…

Okay so I knew this week was going be long but WOW!!! I am still working on video projects for tomorrow’s service (waiting on rendering now)…

I have not slept but about 1 hour in the past 24 hours… I ended up being at the church from Friday 10 PM – Saturday 4 AM… That is not to mention the already 40+ hours I have put in before last night and I still got another 2-3 hours tonight…

So I got home at 4:30 AM Saturday morning only to realize I have no clothes to wear… So I begin doing laundry and it took about 2 hours… I did fall sleep twice for about 30 minutes but that’s all the true sleep I have had in the past 24 hours… I then had to work this morning at the YMCA and then back to the church to finish up projects…

I am just wondering why is it that weeks like this happen so often??? Do I need more volunteer staff??? Do my people work effectively??? This week has definately caused me to think about those things… I will be spending some time next week evaluating those questions and more but for now I got to get back to work…


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