Debits and Credits…

ATTN: Accounting people


Well you would probably think when I talk about Debits and Credits that I am talking about something in accounting but I’m not… A friend in ministry (Marty Dewey) tonight was talking about debits and credits in people’s life… We have discussed this in the past and I thought it was necessary to share this insightful information…

Debits and Credits in a person’s life looks like giving to a person what he or she needs and then receiving back… So this can look like many different things… Listening to one’s problems and then asking them to listen to yours… So when I listen to your problems that’s credit on your account and debit on my account… When you listen to me that’s a credit on my account and a debit on your account… The debit and credits idea is great… I think all of us use it but we may not call it debits and credits…

There’s a new way for you think about listening to people’s problems or helping someone out consider it a debit and credit…

Well I hope this helps someone… Let me know…


2 Responses

  1. Interesting way of looking at credits and debits. Thanks

  2. It’s all about building into peoples lives. Then letting them build into yours.

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