You Tube + Oprah = Huge Numbers

I don’t watch Oprah but I came across this news story from a friend and began looking at more online…

Here’s the article:

So basically YouTube and Harpo Studios have combined to create an Oprah on YouTube channel…

An organization I work with (High Impact Living) has been requesting a non-profit channel for over 2 months now and still have yet to get it processed… I guess YouTube has other priorities… All we want is the capability to add a header banner on our page… Is that too much to ask for???

Well back to the Oprah YouTube deal… She had the founders of YouTube on her show today where they talked about the popularity of YouTube… They also talked about the “Evolution of Dance” guy and his new video… They even talked about how PDiddy only advertised his new fragerance on YouTube and it has been highly successful…

I believe that YouTube is the future for online videos… They are cool and in right now so get on the band wagon if you are not there yet…


One Response

  1. Hi Anthony,
    I’m a product manager at YouTube and worked on launching our non-profit program. The good news is we’ve had an incredible amount of interest in the program – far more than what we would have expected even in our wildest dreams. The bad news is our application queue is looking a bit like the no appointment line at the DMV. If you email me directly with the YouTube username of your organization I would be more than happy to look into the status of your application.


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