So yesterday Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg (to left) announced they are going to begin a new advertising style…

Here’s a clip from the NY Times – Technology Blog:

Yesterday, in a twist on word-of-mouth marketing, Facebook began selling ads that display people’s profile photos next to commercial messages that are shown to their friends about items they purchased or registered an opinion about.

For example, going forward, a Facebook user who rents a movie on Blockbuster.com will be asked if he would like to have his movie choice broadcast out to all his friends on Facebook. And those friends would have no choice but to receive that movie message, along with an ad from Blockbuster.

I think this is kind of cool… I personally don’t mind advertising for products I like so I’m on board… Let me know what you think…


2 Responses

  1. Very creative advertising strategy. What better way to sell a product than to have the endorsement of one of your friends? I like their strategies. Myspace is so “in-your-face” with their obtrusive, annoying ads. Facebook is doing it right.

  2. While I don’t mind, I think there’s going to be a backlash…there’s already too many emails from facebook identifying “you’ve been hugged” or “slapped” or whatever…having all these may get your friends to DEfriend you.

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