AOL – Is trying to come back…

Okay so I remember back in the day using AOL to connect to the internet… Yes the “You’ve Got Mail” was such a sweet noise… AOL was very big when I first began my internet days…

So is AOL trying to make a come back??? Looks like maybe so…

Here’s an article I picked up from the NY Times:

AOL has scooped up yet another online advertising company — this time, one that has faced off with Google and Yahoo in selling contextual text ads, those small, sponsored links that run next to articles.

Quigo is AOL’s fourth advertising acquisition this year as the company, a unit of Time Warner, tries to reinvent itself. Historically AOL has made money selling Internet connections and subscriptions to its online service, but last year it changed the focus to selling Web advertising. AOL’s site and features — like e-mail — are now free.

Quigo, which reportedly cost AOL about $350 million, is the third advertising network acquired by AOL in the last few years, and the deal, announced yesterday, highlights AOL’s goal of selling ads across cyberspace rather than simply on its own Web sites. AOL executives are trying to turn their company into a one-stop shop for advertisers that want to reach customers throughout the Internet.

Here’s a pic of the Quigo Executives.

So it sounds like AOL is trying to make a come back… Guess we will all have to wait it out and see…


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