A new age for Presidential Campaigns

Looks like the Presidential Candidates are diving into a new way of using the internet… They are basically using the internet to make sure their side of the story is said… 

Here’s the article I picked up today:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign on Thursday introduced a Web site dedicated exclusively to the instantaneous rebuttal of charges or news reports it deems offensive or wrong.

And the day offered a perfect opportunity for the campaign, with a potentially embarrassing mini-scandal: a waitress’s report that Mrs. Clinton had failed to tip after eating at a Maid-Rite diner in central Iowa, an assertion that ricocheted around the Internet on Thursday.

So this is a kind of new way for the Presidential Candidates to use the internet… Guess everyone wants to their side of the story said…


One Response

  1. I would like to alert all those wanting to reach their candidate to check out Straight2theCandidates.com.

    Our set up a) allows you to simply film yourself directly via our platform with their webcam, b) allows you to address a particular candidate directly (and not all candidates at once), c) enables you to post/look at the questions by category, d) and does not skew the ranking by indirectly favoring the most recent submissions.

    I would invite you to check out the video function in particular, and then send Romney (or anyone else) a message by clicking “video” once his portal loads. After that, have your friends and colleagues vote the question up in the rankings to make sure it gets to his (or her respective) campaign!

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