Some cool technology to pass along…

So a good friend passed this along to me this morning and I wanted to pass it along to my blogging audience…

There is a brand new, very cool technology called Jott… With the increased amount that people use the internet a company decided to capture the use of calling in and getting e-mails sent, posting to your blog and much more…

Here’s the website:


  Create To Do Lists and Reminders

  Send E-mail and Text Messages

  Blog your thoughts from anywhere

… all with just your voice!

 This sounds really cool… So what else could someone possibly come up with… I mean people are just making life more and more easy for everyone and especially the busy people…

Check them out… I am setting up an account right now and plan to post more later about it…


2 Responses

  1. I am that good friend that he keeps refering to in his blogs.

  2. I agree! Jott rocks. I use it. In fact, Jott created a mashup with another service called Pingme. You can essentially use Jott to create a reminder for yourself on the Pingme service. Very cool stuff….and free. I blogged about the mashup if you’re interested:

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