A Sunday Morning in my shoes…

Today is my game day… The day for my teams to really work… We work all week long for this one day of the week, Sunday…

Today began like any normal Sunday morning… Woke up, got dressed, and headed to the church… I stopped and got coffee like normal (Thanks Starbucks!)… Then I got to the church… I reviewed some videos for the morning then the problems began…

Why is it on such a perfect Sunday morning do the problems begin? Well we had a number of problems, projector not working, live video stuff messed up, videos begin messing up, and on the list goes… However among all the problems blessings always rise… The problems were solved and then we had an awesome service…

I am so glad that these problems were solved and I love the fact that God blessed our services… The services just flowed… The music was great! The drama came off great! The medias worked and looked good! The message was also really good! Everything just seemed to flow…

Sometimes it amazes even me how among the problems God blesses a service and makes it come across great… Thanks God for making things happen in a great way…


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