USAA and why I love my bank, insurance and everything company

USAA’s History:

In 1922, when 25 Army officers met in San Antonio and decided to insure each other’s vehicles, they could not have imagined that their tiny organization would one day serve 6 million members and become the only fully integrated financial services company in America.We believe they would be pleased to know that USAA has remained true to their founding values of service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Who’s Eligible?

USAA membership is a privilege earned by those in uniform — and it’s a privilege that can be handed down to their children. Those eligible to join the association include:

  • Active duty officers and enlisted military personnel.
  • Former spouses and adult children of USAA members.
  • National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.
  • Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS).

So you may ask yourself how are you eligible Anthony?

Well my father had USAA because his mother/father had USAA and they were in the Air Foce. So my Dad got me covered and now I have it myself.  I plan to pass it down to my kids and can only hope they continue to pass it down.

Banking… Insurance… Credit Cards… Everything…

So USAA provides me with a lot of great products… They are my bank, my insurance company, my credit card company, and much more… I think they by far have the best rates on the market…

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to USAA for helping me out with everything…


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