The iPhone is in trouble…

So it looks like the iPhone is in trouble. Atleast in a couple of countries.

Here’s the article I got from the NY Times:

PARIS, Nov. 20 — Last month, French law forced Apple to promise that consumers could buy a version of its iPhone in this country without having to be locked into a long-term contract with Orange, the only mobile phone operator offering the new device.


Now, the same issue is tripping up Apple’s plans to sell the music-playing cellphone in Germany, the largest European telephone market. Last week, the Vodafone Group won the first round of a legal case against T-Mobile over its exclusive deal to sell the iPhone there.

A German court ruled that T-Mobile must offer the iPhone to everyone, even without the 24-month contract that it had required for buyers of the phone, which went on sale in Germany for 399 euros ($591) on Nov. 9. T-Mobile is appealing the ruling.

Well I look forward to outcome of these courtcases… Maybe we can expect something to happen the US… I would love to have the iPhone but I don’t wanna break contract with Sprint and pay all their fees…


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