Give Thanks!

Today being Thanksgiving, I felt it was appropriate to give thanks.

I am so very thankful for everything God has done for me this year. God has closed doors but has opened so many more. He has brought me success and things I want but above all God has provided through out the ups and downs and all arounds.

Thanks to my Pastors without them I wouldn’t know what to do. They all help in their own way. They are great friends, counselors, and great brothers in Christ.

Thanks to all my volunteer staff without them the church couldn’t get everything we need to get done on a weekly basis.

Thanks to my mom and dad for being there for me and paying for my college education amongst other things. Mom, thanks for always being able to listen and Dad thanks for always giving good advice (I hear it even when I act like I don’t).

Thanks to my little brother for being such a cool little brother. Just last night he brought me out to dinner at Outback. I love catching up with him and he is serving in the church and following the Lord (I couldn’t ask for more there).

Thanks to the Phillips Family for being my extended family. Alan is like a brother and Rebecca like a sister, plus the kids are so fun to hang with. But above the Phillips Family always has an welcoming attitude and they are just like family.

So thank you to all these people… This year has been a great one… Gotta go I’m headed to the Home Team Grill to serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the less fortunate and to get some video for future promos for the event…


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