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“Bring Your Own Device”

So Verizon looks like they are opening up their network for you to bring your own device onto. This would be really nice especially for people who move from one cell phone company to another. There of course some minimum technical requirements.

Here’s the article I found on it:

Verizon Wireless has stunned the wireless world by announcing that by sometime next year it will open its network to “any apps, any device.”

There is a lot of fine print, but the essence appears to be that Verizon will offer two flavors of service: its traditional bundle, which typically includes a subsidy for phone purchase and various other features, and “bring your own” device service, which will be open to any device that meets “minimum technical standards.”

So I look forward to seeing what this looks like in the end. Will other companies follow suit? Guess we have to wait and see.

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