COMPUSA is closing down…

I was just in CompUSA tonight, picking up a keyboard and mouse for the church and I found out they are closing in 6-8 weeks… So that means end of January, they will be closed…

Tonight they had signs up, “ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNS” and “ALL ITEMS IN STORE UP TO 20% OFF”… The desktops and laptops are 5% off right now, the accessories are about 20% off, the HDTVs are 10% off…

This is actually kind of sad because we do almost all our electronic purchasing at CompUSA through the Business Dept…

I guess they just can’t make it in Richmond with Circuit City and Best Buys popping up everywhere…

I know I will be keeping my eyes on that place especially towards the later weeks… Maybe a new Flat Panel TV??? or a some new gadgets???


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  1. Which CompUSA do you shop?

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