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My first real car wreck…

OMG!!! Today was my first real car wreck…

It happened around 9:10am on I-95 right past the Belvidere exit… The traffic was pretty backed up… We were all going pretty fast (50-55MPH)… The person in front of me began to slow down and so I did as well… Then she slammed on her brakes (I think to look at another accident) and so did I but that only reduced the speed and impact… I hit her at about 35MPH and my car crunched in… Everything in my car went forward including myself… I hit the steering wheel pretty hard… We pulled off to the side where another State Trooper was writing a report for another accident…

When I got out of my car this is what I saw happened to my car:

CarWreck1 CarWreck2 CarWreck3

This was the other person’s car looked like after we hit:

OtherCar1 OtherCar2

So next I called USAA and filed and initial report and got a them to get me a rental car setup… They also contacted a tow truck for me (which showed up within 20 mins of the call)… After my call to USSA, the State Trooper came over took our reports and then issued a ticket to me for “Following To Close” (this is b/c in VA the “hitter” always gets the ticket regardless of the situation)…

Well that’s all on the accident for now until I get the estimate for repairs…

After the tow truck got there… He loaded the car up and brought it to my repair shop… I did all the paperwork with the repair shop…

There they have an Enterprise Rent-A-Car… The guys at Enterprise had no cars there but the one down the street did… So they ran me down there… Once I arrived at the other Enterprise they told me I was getting a Cadillac CTS b/c that was the only car they have… I was super excited b/c that is a really nice car… They rented it me (but really USAA) at the normal standard size price…

Here’s what my rental car looks like (ITS SWEET):

RentalCar1 RentalCar2

Well that’s all I have to report on the wreck and rental car for now…

The last part of the story is my back pain… I had exsisting back pain issues however I haven’t been in pain for about 3-4 days which was really good… Until after the wreck… My back is hurting pretty bad now maybe as bad as when I couldn’t move one day… I am really worried about this and I think I am going to the doctor tomorrow…

Well that’s pretty much the whole story on the car wreck, the rental car, and my back pain… I will let you all know about the final estimate and status of my car repairs… Please keep me in your prayers for the back pain… Thanks!!!


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