What a day… What a day…

So today was going great… I was getting some personal stuff taken care of…

Then the phone rang… It was my little brother needing help with his rental car for his car repairs… His license expired so he needed me to run him to DMV… No problem big brother out…

So I get there and he says “Anthony what happened to your rental?”…

When I walked around to his side here’s what I saw… (Click for bigger view)

RentalWreck1 RentalWreck2

I could not believe my luck… That someone would hit my rental car and of course leave no information… So I called VCU Police and had to file a report…

VCU Police didn’t want to file a report but after explaining the whole situation… They did a damage report/assessment…

I can’t believe that this happened… The car is still drivable but it just makes me mad someone would do that…

So everyone please be nice to others this Holiday season…


2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry this happened, but remember luck had nothing to do with it. God is still in control and the Bible says that God takes the bad things that happen in our lives and turns them around for the good of those that serve Him. So believe in this promise and believe that God is taking this seemingly bad situation and turning it around for the good. I will get you the exact verse in the morning. i hope this was an encouragement, I will be praying and believing with you.

  2. Alan,

    Thanks for speaking words of encouragement. Some how I believe like the Bible says that this will all turn out for the good. I am praying hard that I am protected on my trip to Knoxville and Memphis next week.


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