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ROAD TRIP: Pt 5 – Back To Richmond

Wake up time: 9:25 AM


But only for a couple of minutes then I crashed until 10:25 AM. I got up and Uncle David was making Chex Mix for the family and neighbors. It was really good!!!


Aunt Natalie finally got up and I found out that John Allen was up and playing his PSP. I went and watched for a while.


Then we ate breakfast; eggs, bacon, and biscuits. I got to eat some more of Aunt Jess’ Homemade Jelly and that was really good.


After hanging with the cousins around the house we had to hit the road but not without one more stop to Back Yard Burgers. We ended up getting to see Aunt Phyllis and Sam, who ended up being there.


We hit the road around 3:15 PM or so. The ride thus far has been fine. We should be in Richmond by 10PM or so.


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