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Monopoly with the Phillips

To begin this post is just because I was excited to win… It is not being prideful or boasting…

Yesterday we had played Monopoly at the Phillips House…

We each get $15 million to begin… We begin buying properties… Then it becomes an absolute stand still…

Finally I make an offer to Tori for one of her properties… I then have 3 properties… So now it is time to begin building houses… I begin with 2 on each… Then the next go around I add 1 on each… Then it happens someone lands on one, $3 million – then again this time $5 million… My next go around I remove all the houses and put up HOTELS!!!

Then another 2 people land on there, $7.5 million and $9 million… The sad part was people had to sell off their properties to pay me… So anyway after another couple of $7.5 and $9 Million landings… We called the game a win for me…

My final cash total was $79.21 Million… This was totally sweet to win…

I also loved planning with the Phillips Family… Thanks everyone!!!


7 Responses

  1. So …..
    You’re celebrating that you’ve been oppressing the poor and hording all the money in the (monopoly) world for yourself until everyone is bankrupt and unable to support their families…

  2. Actually everyone who was still in at the end of the game had like $10 million plus… Don’t think they were too poor… For the rest it is just a game…

  3. Actually everyone who was still in at the end of the game had like $10 million plus… Don’t think they were too poor… For the rest it is just a game…

  4. I felt pretty much financially raped! I couldn’t believe he would take all that funding from my family. My wife went bankrupt at the end and she has no job, how could he!

  5. So you are like Ebaneezer Scrooge (prior to his remarkable over night life change) maybe you should be visited by four ghosts so you can be a changed man. You Scrooge!!!!!

  6. “Evreyony who was still in the game at the end”??????

    Just like the bloated corporations.

    Only telling us about the “good” that you’ve done by making yourself rich.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when someone goes bankrupt, we just say they’re “out of the game”?

    So, yes, with the exception of all the poor people you’ve downtrodden, the ones who simply bowed to your Monopolistic Tendancies are doing just fine.

    Meanwhile, the rest are living in boxes. But we won’t mention them…

  7. Gosh it’s just a game… Sounds like we need to bring it into the office and watch me beat all of you… Challenge???

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