Some quick thoughts…

So I am buying textbooks today… I have always used the VCU Bookstore but there is another bookstore on campus…

I reviewed their prices and realized all their books are about $20-50 less per book…

Why are books so expensive?


3 Responses

  1. Because the school bookstore wants to charge you to death. Publishers do not make a lot of profits, but schools do.

  2. Leafless must be paid by the publishers to misinform. Maybe some private schools make a profit, but by definition state institutions DO NOT! According to both the AAP (American Association of Publishers) and NACS (Natl Assoc. of College Stores) bookstores average 4% gross profit vs 7% to the publishers. The profits from an institutional bookstore are added the the university general fund which combines with tuition and government funding to pay your education. The profits that a bookstore makes goes to the shareholders.

  3. scratch that last line… I meant, the profits that a publisher makes go to the shareholders

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