Trip coming soon…

Well it looks like Pastor Kevin and I are going to take a trip out to… I had proposed this idea last December as a way to learn more about multi-site and doing an internet campus… Well it got approved…

We are meeting up with Terry Storch (Digerati Pastor), Brandon Donaldson (Internet Campus Pastor), and Brian Ahern…. We are looking to do a few more meetings maybe with a campus pastor, youth pastor and who knows who else…

I wanted to say thank you to the guys out at they have been very welcoming…

I am soooooo excited to go out there and see how it all happens..


2 Responses

  1. When you find the campus pastor, give’em a hard time for me…enjoy your trip!

  2. Please talk with some of the children’s people briefly and get me some info. on their multi-site directed children’s ministry and bring me back some information on paper to. Also take some pictures to because wacky world did their children’s area.

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