LCTV – Day 2

Well Day 1 with the guys from LCTV was great…

We woke up early this morning and met with Brian at 8 AM… He gave us some more insight to LCTV and how they operate…

We saw the 8:30 AM service at Edmond… Trent Austin, Worship Leader, rocked out the house…

Then at 9:30 AM we connected with Brandon Dondaldson, IC Pastor, and his team… We got to see all the behind the scenes stuff with Internet Campus… They have really got it going on for their Internet Campus… We also ran into Terry Storch again and talked with him for a minute…

After that we headed to the South OKC Campus… I really liked this campus… It used to be a Lowe’s style hardware store that they converted into a campus… The P/W team at this campus was awesome… We connected with a lady named Liz and she talked to us about LifeGroups and LifeMissions… She was a great person to talk to since she had been at the church over 10 years…

Overall I felt like the whole trip was great! and their crew was very helpful and resourceful… I look forward to seeing the impact they made on us in our own church… Thanks!!!


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