Hope Lives begins today.

We are beginning a neat series at Richmond Community Church and HighImpactChurch.tv online. This series is about having compassion. Compassion n. Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Hope Lives is a church wide experience, the children and youth are also discussing Hope Lives. The other cool part is we are having small groups to discuss the message in more detail. HighImpactChurch.tv is also having a Small Group on Monday nights at 7pm EST. This is a great way to discuss compassion with some other like minded people.

Join us as we talk about Hope Lives online.

Random Post

So as many of you know I’m a Internet Campus Director.

So here’s a little shout out to my campus.

Visit us on Sunday mornings at 11AM EST at http://www.highimpactchurch.tv

Digital TV Transition

So I just found out the House of Rep approved the delay of the Digital TV Transition. I think this is kinda funny because all I hear about is that the Digital TV Transition is February 17. I understand that some people may not be able to afford them and that the Fed money ran out last month but I saw/heard some Representatives saying people may have not heard about it.

So this made me think “really you haven’t heard about the digital TV transition?” how, I don’t even watch the local news that often and I knew. Anyways looks like we are going to wait until June 12th now. Okay well let’s hope people and the government gets it together by then.

Day #2

Well last night was the Super Bowl. I watched from some great friends homes.

I thought the game was good. (Please note: I don’t really do sports.) I really watch the Super Bowl for the Ads.

I thought some of the best were the Bridgestone ones, I like the space one where the guy gets blocked.

Well it’s Day #2 back on the blog scene. Have a great day!

I’m back!

Dear Blogging World,

I have decided to return to the blogging scene. I took some time off due to a crazy busy school, work, and church schedule this past fall/winter. It’s still crazy busy but I feel the need to blog.

So what I have done…
I began shooting video for HighImpactChurch.tv – The Internet Campus I direct/run/lead.
I ran a huge community changing group last semester, Front Porch Partners, class project but really did work
I have been trying to get a company of the ground, 804 Media Works (E-mail me if you need any video work done)
I worked on some contracts for Amazon.com for HighImpactLiving.com, successful!

There’s a ton more but I will get to that later.

So here’s what I got going now…
Virginia Commonwealth University – Student – Last official semester
HighImpactChurch.tv – Campus Director – Great Internet Campus Services for the World
Richmond Community Church – Technology Director – Great Live Services in Richmond, VA
HighImpactLiving.com – Business Director – Life relevant messages from Rick McDaniel

I hope you will continue check back soon as I will be trying to blog every couple of days as possible.


Willow Creek here we come…

In just under one week we are headed to the Willow Creek Arts Conference…

I am really excited and look forward to networking, learning a ton, and connecting more with some of the RCC Arts Directors…

If you are going to the WC Arts Conference… Post a reply and maybe we can do a meet and greet in the WC Lobby one day…

Have fun if you are going!!!


It’s LIVE!!!

Finally ImpactArts.tv is live….


Check it out and let me know you think…