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This is a collection of magazine articles, online articles, etc. that I have found to be useful in the Media/Technology World. These resources are free of charge but are only intended for educational use. Thanks for checking them out.

Drop me a line if you have a PDF resource you think we should add (AnthonyBurns@mediahthoughts.tv). 

Telestream Pipeline Encoder

A Careless Click On iTunes

Ace A Press Interview

Adobe Premiere CS3

Adobe Soundbooth CS3

After Effects – Animate A Still Image

Audio Mixing Management

Audio Recording In Houses Of Worship

Become An Expert On Anything

Understanding The Blogosphere

Campaign for the White House – Webbiest Ever

Case Study – Browns Brige Community Church

Church Management Systems

Dress Like A Professional and LinkedIn


FACEBOOK – The Definition

How To Frame A Shot

How To Get A Boost In Blogosphere

How To Get Big On YouTube

Get More Out Of Flickr

Get Things Done

Google’s Race To The Moon

High Definition @ NCC

Higher Calling

How To Do Digital Signage

Improve Your Home Movies

Inside A Thriving Video Production Ministry

Interactive Worship Over IP


Launch A MP3 Blog

Lighting Gear

Live Audio Production

How To Loose Wreight

Make Your Blog Popular

Ministry in 2018

Pack Like An Engineer

Personal Monitors In Worship

Recover Tunes From Your iPod

Signage Of The Times

Social Networking

Sometimes Its Hard To Be Quiet – Part 1

Sometimes Its Hard To Be Quiet – Part 2

Soundman Aptitude Test CD

Spice Up A Scene

Technical Rehearsals

The Trouble With Productivity

Twitter – The Definition

How To Use A Wiki

Video Gear

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 – The Definition

Which Techessory Is Right For You?

YouTube, Me Too

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